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Bill Millet - film director & co-producer of the Music Soundtrack - had an imaginative and original way to illustrate the synthesis of a vast and detailed history of Spanish Texas that has never been revealed to the the public in Film.

The research of Spanish Colonial era Costumes by designer Dagi Henry, outstanding performances by professional character actors from Mexico, Texas and Louisiana, and live Baroque Music performances in the Film, serve to restore and revive the long and still complicated "bits & pieces" of Inter-Colonial Rivalry in the New World. The deep-rooted Latino character of Texas still appear to many as a revolutionary concept, who gaze upon the vast area of South Texas and Northern Mexico as simply the desolate domain of Cowboys, Oil Wells, Davy Crockett,  Jim Bowie, Santa Ana and the 1836 battle of the Alamo;  the Wild West.  But that leaves out over 150 years of European colonial history and development of what we know as Texas.

Bill Millet's method of orchestrating the vastness of Spanish Texas History is comparable to the content of a Victor Hugo Novel, with accurate historical context provided by noted historians during filming, intriguing historical figures brought to life by enigmatic cinematography, actors and costumes, supported by a vast array of live Renaissance, Baroque and Classic Music Performances. Except that unlike a Victor Hugo Novel where the Heroes are fictional, "Texas Before The Alamo" tells the stories of actual major historical figures like General Alonso de Leon Jr, his childhood companion Sgt. Major Diego Ramon, Diego's son Capt. Domingo Ramon, Franciscan Friars Damian Massanet, Antonio Olivares, Francisco Hidalgo, Isidro Felix de Espinosa & Margil de Jesus and the Spanish response to attempts by Frenchman Robert La Salle & Louis Saint Denis to invade and settle the northern province of New Spain referred to as the land of the Tejas (Texas).  Unlike the characters in Hugo's Novels, the persons depicted in this Film were real people, who have been forgotten for centuries.

Soundtrack produced by:

Bill Millet & Louis-Marie Fardet

Music recorded & mixed by:

Bill Millet 

Live recordings made at:

Mission Espiritu Santo (Goliad State Park)

St. Mary's Church (Victoria, Texas)

historic site of Fort Saint Louis

Mission Espada

Mission San Jose

Mission Concepcion



Alejandro Montiel (spanish guitar). Eve Wallace (lyric sprano) & Louis-Marie Fardet (cello)


Louis-Marie Fardet recording at Mission San Jose with Dr. Felix D. Almaraz Jr.


Louis-Marie Fardet recording with Los Inocentes

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