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Franciscan Frescos painted inside the Sacristy of Mission de Valero (aka The Alamo)

For many centuries the frescoes in the Sacristy were unknown. How was this incredible discovery made?

In the year 2000, The DRT decided to open up the Sacristy inside The Alamo by moving all the flags locaed in that room into the Nave. While determining where to place new exhibits in the Sacristy one of the members noticed a faint triangle pattern on the South wall. Dr. Bruce Winders, Curator of the Alamo, called Pam Rosser and her mother Cisi Jary of Restoration Associates Limited to begin conservation cleaning methods in search of more Franciscan fresco design elements inside the Mission.  Pam Rosser also did conservation work on the frescos at Sistine Chapel in Italy. 

Who would have applied all the decorative treatments to the missions of San Antonio?

The college of Zacatetas and or Queretaro master craftsmen were sent over with the Friars to building a mission filled with decoration to convince the native Americans to convert to Christianity.

What are a few similar design elements between Mission Concepcion and Mission of San Antonio de Valero? 

Both contain decorative patterns using floral and pomegranate.

Both mission used the same color palette.

The main church floor plan of Mission Concepcion is similar to the floor plan of the Alamo. 

The Nave of both missions contains horizontal bands connecting the pilaster capitols. 


Conservator Pam Rosser with historian/archeologist George Nelson


Conservaor Pam Rosser with Dr. Felix D. Almaraz Jr.


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